jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

Watch out with hope.
Some day you will get what you wanted
and you may still feel nothing inside,
nothing that really warms you or wakes you up,
not even
a sensation of release. Maybe you wont realise
that you got what you wanted.
And all the time you've lived all in between
is then just a bunch of nothing
and you wonder whether you're the other. These can be
the worst days of your life. 
You may feel lost, even travel through great suffering
(it can also happen that you write a poem
saying I was right).
If I could just give one last tip to you
this would be it: keep having these dreams,
forget all what I've said about this suffering
(though we both know it's true). Pain will come
but you might still have the chance
that it was worth, 
all this life in between.